Sandra Bilotto: Gallery One

From the time Sandra Bilotto was a little girl, she was always using her hands to build or create things. She loved sewing doll dresses, making puppets, and building doll theatres. As she grew, she studied the violin, but a greater dream was to become a violin maker. She studied art in high school and apprenticed to a violin maker before going on to college where she studied three dimensional designs. She worked for several toy companies and went back to NYU post graduate medical school to become a prosthetist-orthodist. This provided her with a solid foundation in anatomy, physiology, and the structure of materials. While she enjoyed making body part replacements to help others, she still longed for a more creative outlet. Once again, she returned to free lance sculpting for major toy companies with more clarity than ever. Her reputation for quality is unsurpassed. Her work intensified through the years, and she incorporated principles of sacred geometry and proportions in the face she sculpted. This imbued her work with greater energy, beauty, and vitality. She realized her work was frozen or slowed down energy. Her hands began to tingle and emit waves of color. She began developing her ability to focus energy through her hands in a healing capacity. Her background has included a study of astronomy, physics, astrology, fueng-shui, tai-chi, and vibrational energy healing, all of which have contributed to a greater ability to use energy through her hands.

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